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One of Centennial High School's premiere metal bands, Gomorrah, consists of the following:

Peter Lesko - vocals, guitar

Mike Whorton - guitar

Matt Guarneri - bass

Phil Travers - drums

Gomorrah at the 1997 Peace Jam.
Left to right: Matt, Peter, Phil, and Mike.


You may have seen these guys at Centennial's 97 and 98 Peace Jams, or maybe even at Lunchtime Theatre when they had there old drummer, Dan Ramsey. Notoriously known for their complicated rythms, intricate melodies and harmonies, and blinding speed, they have become a huge hit in Howard County, Maryland.

Don't expect them to be playing anymore school venues, due to the fact that they have more the less been banned from playing another Peace Jam. Doesn't matter, cause they'll start gigging elsewhere as soon as Matt is done with lacrosse. They also just finished making their first album, containing eight original songs and a running time of about 35 minutes.

This new album contains five songs which you may have heard at the Peace Jam (All For None, Forbidden Treasures, Christian Law, Lycanthropy, and the Porno Song), but it also contains three brand-new songs that they haven't played live until they released the album. Actually, I make a little guest appearance on one of the new tracks, "Curbed," but you really can't tell because a lot of people all screaming into the mic. Anyways, it's being putting out professionally on tape by Ground Zero Records, and will cost $6.00.

You may have noticed that the Real Audio are gone, but that's because members of the band personally requested me to get rid of it. Don't worry, because I'll put up a few of their original songs soon enough. At the moment, I only have this clip in WAV format from "Christian Law"