- probably the oddest site on the internet...VISIT IT!

- Pete's official Gommorah page.

- DC's newest punk/ska/hardcore sensation! Also, check out Christen's page.

- an extremely funny site, but I think it's down for now

- an extremely good Quake page

- probably one of the coolest computer games ever made, The Neverhood Chronicles

PEOPLE I KNOW - Here are fifteen other pages that belong to other students of Centennial High School, along with a brief description of each site.

Victor Arafiles - pics, poetry, anime

Kevin Bair - his metal band, Dystopia

Ari Berk - the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, the Simpsons .wavs

Micheal Drucker - SNES codes

David Harris - provides virtual domain

Jon Heineman - JHSoftware

Bill Horst - heavy metal

Andrea Lane - beans

Jason Levin - South Park and James Bond

Chris Mathews - links to cool things

Brian McGuire - rap, football, Simpsons, Seinfeld, John Grisham

Brian Peterson - Scream, Scream 2

Ryan Phillips - "Hell"

Carl Proffen - cabbits

Tim Richards - pics of his friends

Dave Turer - links to stuff

Justin Weber - computing


Warped Tour - a cool tour that I went to. Has Real Audio on the site.

Audio Net - probably Real Audio Central on the internet

Rude Moods - a ska e-zine.

OLGA - guitar tabs, anyone?

Ibanez - I use their guitars. Fender - I use their guitars also.

Peavey - I use their amps.

Zoom - I use their processors.


Tripod - free web space

Hotmail - free e-mail accounts

Real Audio - download Real Player 3.0 here!

The Ultimate Counter - free counters

Link Exchange - I'm a Link Exchange Member!

Guest Book - make sure to sign mine!

The Order of the Fingerless Gloves Webring - not only am I a member, I'm the president!

The Official IRC #Ska Webring - I'm part of it

The Ring of Punk - I'm in this one also

The Punk and Ska Ring - This one also

Real Audio Webring - And this one