I saw these guys live at the Warped Tour in Washington, DC. They were on really early, but they probably had the most "violent" crowd during the entire show (actually, I never checked out Limp Bizkit's crowd, since I was crammed up on the barricade waiting for the Bosstones to start.) Throughout their set, Chris constantly changed the titles and lyrics of songs so that the song was about how the security guards at the show needed to get a blowjob. After their act, I hanged out with Darren for a little while, and he gave me some stickers. I later saw Chris, and asked him to sign a trading card I had of him. He asked me if I had a pen, and I said no. Sarcastically, he called me and my friend "BASTARDS" for not having a pen. Therefore, I can tell people Less Than Jake called me a bastard.

Less Than Jake at Warped Tour in Washington, DC
Left to right: Jessica, Derren, Buddy, Vinnie, Chris, and Roger

The trading card Chris signed.


My Very Own Flag