I'M NOT A LOSER by the Descendents

You think that I'm a loser,
Cause now my pants are too low.
You think that I'm a bum,
Cause I got holes in my shoes.
Y'take much up your butt,
And buttfuck teenagers too.
You can fuck off,
Cause I'm workin sixty a week!

You think life is really tough,
Cause daddy won't buy you a brand new car.
You took a girl out,
She won't fuck you.
You just bought her a gram of coke,
Spent all your money on shitty coke.

No, no,
I'm not a loser!
No way man,
I'm not a loser!
All you people,
I'm not a loser!
What d'ya wanna do,
I'll know what:

You'll cruise down the boulevard, wastin' momma's gas,
Lookin' for some chicks on Friday night.
All they wanted was was to smoke a joint,
Trying how you're going to get laid tonight.

You're a son-of-a-bitch,
You arrogant asshole!
You're pants are too tight,
You fuckin' homo!
You suck,
Mr. Buttfuck; you don't belong here.
Go away,
You fucking gay!
I'm not a loser....no.