Considering there's only two pages on the internet about the Nutrags, I guess this makes mine the unofficial page. Anyways, I'm friends with the saxaphonist, Matt Heinz. The Nutrags have just made a CD, but there are only a couple copies of it, and it's really "ghettoed-up" (Matt for instance doesn't even have a jewel case for his; he just carries it in the case for RBF's "Keep Your Receipt"). Anyways, I put some of their songs in Real Audio format. (Yey!) Listen to them damnit!!!!

According to Matt, though, the Nutrags are no longer around. There is some variation on them, called Brass Riot, nowadays. I decided to keep their page up, though, just cause the songs are cool.


This Song's Your Mom


Wife Beater

Inspect Her Gadgets