10 - 12 Jurors : Even if a video wins the "Stamp of Approval," it will never be seen on MTV again after one week. Whether the video wins or loses, it's bound to be forgotten.

9 - Real World : Since the majority of MTV-viewers have no life, they just watch other people live in a FANTASY world in which they don't have to pay for food or rent.

8 - Hanson : Nuff said

7 - Bill Bellamy : The embodiment of stupidity, and also a VJ on MTV!

6 - Probe : Great idea for a show; interview complete ignorant fools about what THEY think about videos

5 - Commercials : MTV has more commercials than literally ANY OTHER STATION IN THE WORLD. MTV = Money TV

4 - Any other show on MTV : MTV doesn't even play music videos, just stupid shows like Oddville and the Jenny McCarty Show

3 - The music : Even when they play music videos, they suck because they only play what THEY want you to hear, not what YOU want to hear.

2 - Skaturday : A slap in the face to all true ska fans out there. They played "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt on it for Christsake!

1 - Notorious B.I.G. : MTV makes this obese crack dealer who managed to land a record deal seem like he was a hero in our society. This world is better off without him....