These guys used to be my favorite ska band before they became popular, and I still enjoy listening to them, but I have found better, less main-stream bands to listen to. Don't get me wrong, they kick ass!

I have seen them at the WHFStival and at the Warped Tour at Washington DC. While at the Warped Tour, I met Dan, Andrew, and Aaron. I breifly met Aaron and Andrew, but hanged out with Dan for a while. I got all three of them to sign a picture I took of them at the WHFStival, and they thought the picture was really cool. I wanted to go backstage, but Dan told me that there was nothing back there and that there was nothing to do. While I was waiting for them to go on (I had to miss Royal Crown Revue to do this), I noticed that Aaron was hanging out with these two girls that Dan HAD given a backstage pass to, and the rest of the band was back there having a good time. Therefore, the I HATE REEL BIG FISH T-shirt suits me well.

Reel Big Fish at the WHFStival
Left to right: Grant, Scott, Aaron, Dan, Matt, Tavis, and Andrew.
Signed by: Aaron, Dan, and Andrew

Aaron getting drunk and hanging out with those girls I was talking about.

Reel Big Fish at Warped Tour in Washington, DC.
Left to right: Matt, Scott, Andrew, Aaron, Dan, and Tavis.


Everything Sucks

All I Want Is More

Alternative, Baby


Boys Don't Cry