Q: What is that thing on your pants?

It is called a CARABINER CLIP. It's used in things such as roc-climbing and repelling.

Q: Why do you have it?

I occasionally rock climb and repell.

Q: Where did you get that shirt from?

I got it when I bought Final Fanasty VII.

Q: Is it a cool game?


Q: Should I buy it?


Q: Are you going for the "No Doubt" look?

NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!

Q: What the hell do you put in your hair?

I put Aussie Gel (strong hold) and Paul Mitchell Freeze + Shine Super Spray.

Q: Do you really hate Reel Big Fish?

I enjoy their music, but I hate the actual people in the band, for they have become huge sell-outs. That, and I met them at the Warped Tour and they wouldn't let me go backstage.

Q: What's with the gloves?

It's a long story, but here it goes: As you may know, I spend my summers down in Ocean City, MD. I was walking along the beach one day last summer when all of a sudden, I spotted a beached WALRUS. I walked up to it to see if it was still alive, and to get a closer look. Not wanting to actually touch the walrus, I put on a pair of gloves I had with me. When I reached out to touch the walrus, it suddenly changed shape into a mighty wizard. The wizard looked at me and spoke, "I am the mighty wizard, Walrusia. I had accidentally teleported into the middle of the sea a day ago, and transformed myself into a walrus in order to swim back. I became very tired, and blacked-out. I can't remember anything after that. Could you help me get up?" I grabbed him by the hands and helped him get up, and when I did, some of his magical energy surged into my gloves, singing the fingers right off of them! He replied, "Those gloves that you wear have now been blessed with magical powers. Use them wisely, for I must go now." After saying that, he dissapeared. From that day on, I wear those gloves as a reminder of that day, and because they possess certain magical abilities. However, I have learned that they have serious side effects, for instance: they cause all carbonated beverages in your backpack to explode, and seems to make everyone who questions about the gloves to suddenly become a complete moron. Oh well...